How to install Java

Below are the steps involved in installing Java on Windows.

1. First find, if you are using Windows version is 32 bit or 64 bit.
2. Download and install JRE 32bit or 64bit(based on your Windows version), from below URL

What is JRE? JRE stands for Java Run time Environment, which comprises JVM(Java Virtual Machine) and Run time libraries required to run .class file i..e byte code.

How to Download JRE
Download JRE

3. Download and install JDK 32bit or 64bit(based on your Windows version), from below URL
How to Download JDK
Download JDK

What is JDK? JDK stands for Java Development Kit, which comprises tools required for developing and compiling Java Applications.
4.Set PATH environment variable
PATH need to be set, to access tools such as javac to be used any where on the installed system. If PATH is not set developer need to specify full absolute path
5.set CLASSPATH environment variable
6.Install IDE(Integrated Development Environment) of your choice. Also note that installing and setting up IDE is not compulsory. You can use IDE of your choice, Eclipse, Netbeans IDEs are being widely used for developing Java Applications.

How to Setup Eclipse for Java

1. Eclipse can be downloaded from below url
2. Unzip Eclipse downloaded zip file
3. Open eclipse.exe, whcih is Eclispe IDE.
NOTE: Eclipse is not installable setup file, instead it can be directly run, whenever you want to open Eclipse IDE.
4. To set common JRE, for all Java Projects
Select Preferences -> Java -> Installed JRE’s tab. Click Add, and follow on Screen instructions to complete adding JRE.
5. To set JRE for individual Java Projects in Eclipse IDE
a) Right click your project > properties
b) Select “Java Build Path” on left, then “JRE System Library”, click Edit…
c) Select “Workspace Default JRE”
d) Click “Installed JREs”
e) If you see JRE you want in the list select it (selecting a JDK is OK too)
f) If not, click Search…, navigate to Computer > Windows C: > Program Files > Java, then click OK
g) Now you should see all installed JREs, select the one you want and Click OK or Finish