Sample Project interview Questions

Few of my students and other have been following up with me to provide list of commonly asked Project related Questions by Interviewer. Below are few of them I can think of

  1. Which are the Languages/Technologies used to implement your Project
  2. Which Software Model has been used
  3. Duration of Project, and your Role and Contribution to Project
  4. Which Configuration Management Tool was used for your Project?
  5. How many modules are there, and on which Modules you worked?
  6. Architecture diagram of your Project?
  7. Which Design Patterns are applied? and Which Frameworks were used?
  8. Who is the End user of your Project?
  9. What are the main Challenges you faced, during your Project?
  10. How many Lines of Code you developed?
  11. What are various Testings performed?
  12. Which Bug Tracking Tool was used?
  13. Have you applied MVC for your Project?

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