Servlets Assignments

#1. Develop below html and Java Servlet files, which performs the below specified functionality

When successfully logged in, forward to Welcome Servlet. When failed to login, include login.html.
WelcomeServlet need to start a new session, and store username in Session attribute.
Display username(from session) in all Servlets.
Provide hyper links to display a Servlet from any other Servlet.
Destroy session, when logout link is clicked. logout link need to be displayed in all Servlets.

If you try to open any servlet directly from url, without logging in, it need to display a message, “login to continue”.

#2. In the above problem, try to add session time out functionality, i..e when user does not send a request for 3 mins, session need to be timed out, and automatically destroyed.

#3. In Servlets RequestDispatcher, from processing servlet try to include two other resources separately, ensure that response received by Browser has output from Processing Servlet, and other two included resources as well.

#4. Try to retrieve Servlet Context initialization parameter values( from the deployment descriptor, web.xml) and print them. In the same web app, try creating another servlet, which can access same Servlet Context initialization parameters.

#5.In Servlet RequestDispatcher, from Processing Servlet, forward the request to some other Servlet, and this some other servlet need to include another resource(an HTML or Servlet)

#6.Use HttpSession to find number of seconds spent by user on each page. Update the details in database table.

#7.Use Cookie and display html page to user, and let user select his/her own back ground color, from drop down options provided in the html page. When user visits the page again later, the background of html page need to be the color which has been selected by user, in earlier session. Validity period of cookie can be one week.

#8. Write a Filter for a Servlet or JSP, which removes Parameters with certain name in the request.

#9. Write a Servlet1, which forwards request to other Servlet2. Servlet1 need to adds few parameters which can be retrieved and displayed by Servlet2.

#10. Write a Servlet, which has login and signup functionality. MySQL database can be used, to store login details. User Account need to get locked for 1 day after three unsuccessful login attempts due to wrong password.

#11. Write a Servlet, and using HttpSessionListener try to get total number of currently logged in to the site.

#12. Use JSP/Servlet to develop Shopping Cart.

#13.Use JSP/Servlet to develop simple Payment Gateway.

#14. Generate PDF Bill using JSP

#15.Use AJAX to validate each field in Signup Form, and display error if an entered value is invalid, and display error beside respective field if its value is invalid.

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